HTC’s Mid-range Smartphone Apparently Leaked

HTC. The manufacturer who is currently not feeling well. The numbers are not right, the production of the high-end model leaves much to be desired or supply bottlenecks are announced. Of course, the manufacturer could not write quarterly sales with the One because it came so “late”, however, not only a smartphone can plug the hole.

HTC’s Mid-range Smartphone Apparently Leaked

The rumors about a middle-class smartphone are currently very hot. It is speculated on a 4.5 inch display (I hear some cheer) with “only” 960 × 540 pixels. Accordingly, this would be whopping 244ppi. Desirable of many would definitely be HD ready for this size and that would be a treat next to the 5 inch phones. The internal name is 606w and indicates something very different because the M4 does not seem to be. The One, for example, is codenamed M7. The One is the number for 4. 7 inches and the M is the initial letter of a smartphone that should actually be published by HTC last year. Well, the M4 (should) it just a smaller model with 4.x inches. Why it was not called M5, I do not know but the 4.5 inches are not official: it could also be 4.4 or 4.3. Maybe there’s a high-end device and the other is a bit lower.

The background picture is known. Sketches or design ideas have always been leaked in the past. It can be assumed that this is the actual device – possibly with little change but roughly it should fit.

What immediately stands out are the speakers on the front, a little different but still available as the flagship. The built-in materials have a strong smell of plastic but if the device is well processed and not shiny it works fine as with the One X +, for example with the special Softtouch surface. In addition, it can be seen that HTC relies on only two electronic buttons, so you have it uniform.

To the remaining specifications: at least 16 GB of memory (with MicroSD slot) and a quad-core processor with 1200 MHz each are expected. The camera has a CMOS sensor and should not like the One have the Ultrapixel technology, which I also pretty much doubted, because exactly there HTC has problems with the production or the supplier. The RAM will probably be stocked with 1 GB of RAM with which Sense 5.0 should actually work well. As Android version comes 4.1.2. Whether the in-house surface comes just as completely (eg BlinkFeed) on the middle-class smartphone is not yet clear, as well as the camera function Zoe.

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