Why Do Unblocked Games Won’t Work in Androids nor in IOS ?

As times flies, gaming industries are getting dominated by PS4, XBOX and even in mobile phones, still there are many who loves to play unblocked games even though its graphics isn’t good comparing to latest trending games like PUBG & Fortnite Battle Royale games.

Unblocked games are really stress releasing games that never go out of style. Its being played from decades and sure it will be avail for another decade. Even though graphics are not that great, people find pleasure of playing unblocked games like Super Smash Flash 2, Run 3, Hill climb, Happy Wheels and many more…

unblocked games compatibility

So, What Are Unblocked Games? Why They Are Not Compatible With Android ?

If you are unaware of what you mean by unblocked games, let me throw some light on this. There are scenarios where few games & sites have been blocked by school/workplaces so that students/employees both wont get distracted from what they are upto. So, for those whom still needs an access to these games some sites allows to play unblocked games without any hussle.

Unblocked games can be played from school, office space, etc… Their codes are hidden making school/workspace blocking bots can’t find them to block. Moreover, this is the main reason why you can access these games through your mobile devices. Both Android & IOS not supported.

There are many blogs & websites available on the internet that allows gamers to play some of the blocked games with ease. You don’t have to pay nothing for the same. Using these platforms, a blocked games or site can be reachable and played anywhere in your working place or from school/college.


Next time if somebody ask you the same question don’t hesitate to give the right answer. Hope its clear now, why are unblocked games never can be played in any mobile devices.

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