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Download Google Camera 8.0 APK for Android [GCAM 8.0 APK]

Pixel lovers were waiting eagerly for the new Google Pixel and recently Google finally announced it and if we look at the specs of the device then it’s pretty decent, we can not call it as a flagship device but not also a mid-range smartphone. But the one thing that makes Google Pixel 5 stands out in the market is Google Camera 8.0 or Gcam 8.0 APK. The new Google Pixel 5 comes with the latest Google Camera 8.0 APK and this Google Camera has so much improvement than the previous version. 

The new Google Camera 8.0 comes with so many unique and amazing features like Ultrawide lens, Cinematic Pan for videos, Night Sight in Portrait Mode, etc. We have shared the complete changelog below, you can check out it to read all the new features. We all know Google Pixel devices are well known for their camera and whenever they release their next Gen device, we get to see something new in its camera application. 

With Google Camera 8.0/ Gcam 8.0 APK you can click some amazing shots but the sad part is only Google Pixel device can officially use it but with the help of developers, we have ports of Gcam 8.0 APk for almost every device. In this article, we will help you to download Google Pixel 8.0 or Gcam 8.0 APK for your android device. 

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Download Google Camera 8.0 APK [Gcam 8.0 APK]

Update 16-11-2020: New version of Google Camera 8.1 And Gcam 8.1 MOD APK is now available: Download Google Camera 8.1 APK for Android [GCAM 8.1 APK]

If you are the owner of a Google Pixel Smartphone then you are eligible to download the official google camera 8.0. We have provided two links below, the first one is of Google Play Store, you can also directly go to the Google Play Store and can download or update from there or you can externally download from APKMirror and then install it on your Android device. This Google Camera 8.0 will work perfectly on Google Pixel devices running on Android 11 or Android 10 that includes Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4XL, Google Pixel 3, and XL. 

Download Link for Google Camera 8.0


Download Google Camera 8.0 Bundled APK by APKmirror

APKmirror has offered Google Camera 8.0 bundled apk, you can download it from the below link. You can use the bundle app for easier installation. 

Google Camera 8.0 APK: Download Link

Download Gcam 8.0 MOD/Port APK for all Android Device

Finally, the most awaited MOD of Gcam that is Gcam 8.0 is now available for download. As we know the official Google Camera 8.0 can be used only on Google Pixel smartphones and no other smartphone can use it but now the developer has released the modded version of the latest Google Camera version and that is Gcam 8.0. This Gcam 8.0 is developed by a developer named cstark, Kudos to him. If you are interested in downloading Gcam 8.0 MOD then you can download it from the below download link.

Gcam 8.0 Mod APK | Download Link

How to Install Google Camera 8.0 APK on Older Pixel Device

First of all, to get Google camera 8.0 work on your older pixel device you need to factory reset your device. You must know that once your device is factory reset, you will lose all your data, so backup your important file first. 

Once you are done with the factory resetting your device, you need to follow the below methods. 

How to Install GCAM 8.0 APK MOD on Android Device

In order to install the Gcam 8.0 MOD on your android device, you need to first download and install Split APKs Installer

So, that’s it, guys. You have finally installed Google Camera 8.0 or Gcam 8.0 APK on your Android device, if you have any queries then you can raise the comment below, we will try to help you out ASAP. 




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