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Google Camera 7.5 APK Is now Available for Android Device [GCAM 7.5 APK]

Good news for all Gcam or Google Camera application lovers as Google has rolled out another new latest update for their Gcam users and that is Gcam 7.5 APK. If you remembered, In June Gcam 7.4 was released and now after almost two months Google has released the latest Google Camera 7.5.105. The new Google Camera 7.5 comes with some new amazing features and some bug fixes from the previous version. This new Gcam 7.5 is from the all-new Google Pixel 5 device, below we have listed out the complete changelog of Gcam 7.5 APK.

If you are the user of any Google Pixel smartphone devices then you can directly download the latest Google Camera 7.5 APK either from the below download section or by going directly to the Google Play Store. And for those who are not the user of any Google Pixel device then don’t worry there are so many devs who are working day and night in releasing the latest Gcam MODs and finally there is one Gcam 7.4 MOD and that is released by cstark, kudos to him. 

Google Camera 7.5/Gcam 7.5 Features

Finally, Google Camera 7.5 is released and looks like this version of Gcam is made for Google Pixel device running on Android 11 beta testing so we believe that this version of Gcam will work flawlessly on the device running on Android 11. However, the device running on Android 10 wouldn’t face any such major issues IMO. Also, after looking at the source code of Gcam 7.5 we figured out that Google will release three Smartphones Pixel 5”, “Pixel 4a”, and Pixel 4a (5G)” with codenames as redfinsunfish, and bramble respectively. Now let’s check out the latest Gcam 7.5 features one by one.

1) Motion Blur

Finally in Google Camera 7.5 APK/Gcam 7.5 APK we will see Motion Blur effect and this effect was most demanded and people were waiting for this feature for a very long time and now finally it is added in the latest Gcam 7.5 version. 

2) Audio Zoom

This is the most important feature in today’s date and it was missing in such a very popular Google Camera application but now with this 7.5 update, Google has finally added this feature in Gcam too so that now you users can zoom towards specific direction to capture audio more clearly. If you are a Samsung device owner then you may already know about this feature. 

3) Flash Intensity 

This is also a very good feature added by Google in their latest Gcam 7.5 update now with this update users while recording video or capturing images they can adjust the level of flash. This feature will be very beneficial for those who don’t like bright flashlight while capturing video or image. 

4) Video Sharing

If you are already on Gcam 7..4 then you might be thinking that this feature is already in there but here is a CATCH! this feature just got some modification. Until the Gcam 7.4 you were allowed to share your shots on limited social media site but with the latest update the list is expanded and now more than 10 sites are available to share you shots instantly after clicking. 

Download Google Camera 7.5 APK [Gcam 7.5 APK]

If you are the owner of Google Pixel Smartphone then you are eligible to download official google camera 7.5. We have provided two links below, the first one is of Google Play Store, you can also directly go to the Google Play Store and can download or update from there or you can externally download from APKMirror and then install it in your Android device.

Google Camera 7.5.105 APK: Download Link

Download Gcam 7.5 MOD/Port APK for all Android Device

Finally, the most awaited MOD of Gcam that is Gcam 7.5 is now available for download. As we know the official Google Camera 7.5 can be used only on Google Pixel smartphones and no other smartphone can use it but now the developer has released the modded version of the latest Google Camera version and that is Gcam 7.5. This Gcam 7.5 is developed by a developer named cstark, Kudos to him. If you are interested in downloading Gcam 7.5 MOD then you can download it from the below download link.

Gcam 7.5 Mod APK | Download Link

How to Install Google Camera 7.5 APK on Android Smartphone

  • First of all download the APK from the above download section.
  • Now you need to enable Unknown sources on your Android device if you haven’t already. Go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Once that is done, open the file manager, go to download, and open the gcam 7.5 apk.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the installation gets done.

Done! You’ve successfully installed the latest Google Camera 7.5 Apk on your Android device. Now you can enjoy all the new features.








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