Samsung GT-N5100 sighted in the Nena Mark benchmark – 7 inch note tablet?

I did my usual daily benchmark round and came across something very interesting: Samsung GT-N5100. This is the device that was recently seen at FCC and since then a seven-inch note tablet has been considered very likely.

Now in this screenshot we only see that the resolution is HD-ready, which is 1280x720p which, strangely, does not indicate on-screen buttons. The clock speed of the processor is 1.6GHz (it is probably the Exynos 4412 Quadcore) with “pegasusq” and this name also exists on the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. GPU is the Mali-400 known from ARM, which is presumably the same as here the other high-end devices from Samsung. The great thing about it is the Android version because it is 4.1.2 and that indicates that Samsung Electronics is really on the gas! Well and from the result you can not make a decision with a minimum of 55.60 and a maximum of 56.30 FPS but it is definitely not bad.

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Are we pleased that the company, Samsung, has decided to release a 7 inch tablet with an S-Pen? Can we expect a presentation at the MWC? I am excited and would be totally for it: D

The code name that begins with “N” has always been a note – now only hope for seven inches. It would be portable, you could take it anywhere and with the stylus – yes we know it from the Note 2 or Note 10.1 – “Be Creative” because after all Samsung Electronics is the “inventor” of the seven inches and that would be a logical development with the Note series.

PS: Such benchmarks can be easily falsified, but that’s exactly why you are never sure.

Source: Nena Mark

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