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Hotstar Cookies
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Do you want to get Hotstar Cookies? If yes, then today you are just landed on the right page. Today in this article, we are going to share the premium Hotstar cookies with all of you. The best part about these cookies is that it is 100% working and we update the cookies on an hourly basis. If you use the cookies provided by us then we are 100% sure that it will work.

There was the time when we used to watch movies, shows, series, etc on our  Television but now in this busy world, we get hardly get any time to sit in front of our TV to watch movies or anything. And if you are kind of person who hardly get time in the home then it is even more difficult for you to watch anything on TV but as we have smartphones in our hand, we can watch any Movies, TV Show, TV Series, etc anytime and anywhere because smartphones are very portable. But in order to watch anything online, you either download it or watching it on some streaming application. Now the law is so strict that almost every movie or series downloading websites are down. So the only option with which we are left is using applications like Netflix, Hotstar, etc. You can Hotstar cookies to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, TV series, etc for free.

Now if you check the subscription of streaming applications like Hotstar then you will see that these applications are quite expensive and if you are a student like me then it is even more difficult to buy the subscription. Now if you still interested in Hotstar premium for free then you can use it with the help of Premium Hotstar cookies which are 100% working. Cookies are very easy to use and they work pretty well almost every time.

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The reason we are using Hotstar cookies is that applications like Hotstar are not easy to crack or mod, so we are only left with Cookies option and the thing, is using Hotstar cookies is better than using any crack or mod because it is not legal to use either crack or mod.

What are Cookies?

Cookies in simple wording can be defined as a small piece of data that is sent from any website which we visit in our computer via a browser. These cookies are very helpful when it comes to remembering the information and sometimes email and password also. Sometimes when we visit any confidential site then most of us use Incognito or private tap where there is no transmission of cookies from the website to the user’s computer.

Now if we take the example of Hotstar, so for example, I visited Hotstar in my PC or smartphone then the cookie will be stored in the browser which I used to visit Hotstar and now the best thing is we can export the cookies and the exported cookies can be shared and then it can be imported to some other PC or smartphone.

So, guys, this was the simple definition of Cookies and I hope those who were having doubts about cookies now their doubts must have been cleared.

Now as you know What are cookies and how they work, now let’s discuss about Hotstar Cookies.

What is Premium Hotstar Cookie?

Hotstar cookies are nothing but a small piece of data just like a normal cookie. These cookies are generated when any user who has Hotstar open his account, we have several such users who have Hotstar account and whenever they watch something, we get the cookie and export them. Now you can use those cookies and import it in your browser to get a free Hotstar account.

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Advantage of Using Hotstar Cookies

There are so many advantages of using cookies instead of MOD or Cracked APK because using MOD/Crack is illegal to use and can cause trouble. However, using cookies is a safer option, there is no trouble in using Cookies. Below we have shared some advantages of Hostar cookies.

  • It is legal and very safe to use cookies over Mod/Crack.
  • It is very easy to use, all you need to do is copy and paste the cookie in your browser.
  • We daily update our Hotstar cookies.
  • You don’t need to pay any single penny to use our premium Hotstar cookies.
  • You can watch unlimited movies, TV series, TV shows, etc for free.
  • The majority of the accounts of Hotstar are premium and only a few of them are basic Hotstar accounts.
Hotstar Cookies

Hotstar Cookies

Working Premium Hotstar Cookies Feb 2020

So, I know this was the part of which almost every one of my viewers was waiting. So, as I promised from below you can collect the latest Hotstar cookies, which we keep updating almost every other day. Also, we have shared more than 10+ Working Hotstar cookies for you. You can use any of the cookies which you like, if by any chance the selected cookie isn’t working then you can inform us by visiting our Contact US page or by commenting below.

Update: Many users were complaining that some of the cookies aren’t working properly so, today on 29th march we updated the cookies with the latest one. If still there is some issue you are facing then do comment below and I’ll help you out. 

S.No. Hotstar Cookies
1 Hotstar Cookie #1
2 Hotstar Cookie #2
3 Hotstar Cookie #3
4 Hotstar Cookie #4
5 Hotstar Cookie #5
6 Hotstar Cookie #6
7 Hotstar Cookie #7
8 Hotstar Cookie #8
9 Hotstar Cookie #9

How to Use Hotstar Cookies on Windows PC

Now, this is the main part for most of you, if you don’t know how to use these Hotstar Cookies on your PC then let me tell you but the first step is you need to copy all the above Hotstar Cookies in Notepad. Now follow the below steps to apply Hotstar Cookie on your browser to watch free unlimited Hotstar.

Step1) First of all, you need to open any browser in your PC (Google Chrome recommended).

Step 2) The next step is to get the Cookie extension which will help us to apply the cookie. You can click on the below button to download the Editthiscookie extension.


Step 3) Now once the download is complete simply double click on the Extension and then click on Add to Chrome and then click on Add extension.

Step 4) Once you successfully added the extension in Chrome now you need to open the official Hotstar website.

Step 5) Once you opened the website tap on EditThisCookies Extension Icon, and click on the Import button.

Step 6) Now you need to copy the Hotstar cookie and paste it into Import and then hit the Tick button.

Step 7) So that’s all, now you just need to refresh the Hotstar page and you are now good to go. Now you can enjoy Hotstar for free and can watch all your favorite movies, series, etc.

F.A.Q [Frequently Asked Questions]

Question1) Will I get unlimited Hotstar with these cookies?

Answer) No Mate, you can not get unlimited Hotstar with these cookies, you can use this cookie to stream Hotstar for a day only. Every cookie expires after a day and that’s why we keep our article updated with new cookies every day so that you can guys won’t face any issues.

Question2) Can I change the password of the Hotstar account?

Answer) Hell No! please don’t try to change the password of any account which you get by using cookies because once you change the password then the owner of the account will be notified. And if we find you doing this then we’ll ban you from this site too. So be careful.

Question3) What to do if above cookies aren’t working?

Answer) Well, if you find any cookie isn’t working by any chance then you can move over to another cookie and you can also inform us about the same. You can go to our contact us page and from there you can leave a message for us and we will solve that issue as soon as possible.

Question 4) Are the above cookies safe to use?

Answer) Yes, why not? all the cookies which we have shared above are safe to use and there is no harm in using these cookies. Even using cookies is safer than using MOD or crack. So, don’t worry and use these cookies without any single thought.

Question 5) Do I have to pay anything to use these cookies?

Answer) No Mate, you don’t need to pay anything to use these cookies. They are free to use and anyone can use these Hotstar cookies for free. If anyone is selling these cookies then you can inform us and we will take action against them.

Wrapping Up

So this was our article on premium and working Hotstar cookies and here in this article we shared more than 10 working Hotstar cookies and along with that we also shared the step by step guide on How to use these cookies in Windows PC or Laptop. We also explained the advantages of using Hotstar cookies. Now if you want to watch anything on Hotstar then no need to pay for expensive Hotstar subscription just visit our this article on daily basis to get the latest Hotstar cookie every day.



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