How To Know and Change JioFi Password

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There are many users of JioFi and almost every one of them is loving it. But still, there is some confusion in users related to some basic things like how to know jiofi data balance or how to change the password of it. So, many people who were using JioFi were requesting me to find out the perfect way to know how to know the password of Jiofi and how to change it. So, today we decided to create an article on it explaining the way to know and change the password of Jiofi very easily.

Reliance JioFi is a little gadget that fits in your pocket and is a 4G organize controlled Wi-Fi arrangement that you can associate with your telephone, PC, and different gadgets.

This gadget assists with digitalizing your home and is likewise compact that you can keep in your pocket and convey your association with you when you get out. What’s more, the beneficial thing is if Your cell phone doesn’t bolster 4G, yet you will have the option to make the most of Jio’s system and 4G speed with the assistance of Reliance JioFi.

These days, numerous individuals who don’t have 4G portable, they take JioFi yet they don’t have the foggiest idea about the information utilization and plan legitimacy of that JioFi. So in the present post, the strategies that I have let you know, you will have the option to think about the information utilization and plan legitimacy of JioFi from your workstation or work area and your Android telephone.

How to Know JioFi Password

To know the password of your JioFi device then you just need to open JioFi back cover and there you will see something written as PWD and the Words After ”PWD:______ is your JioFi Password.

How to Change JioFI Password

  • First of all, you need to connect your device i.e Smartphone or PC/Laptop to Jiofi by entering the above password.
  • Once your device is connected with Jio wifi, now you need to open any browser.
  • Now inside the browser address bar enter this address: http://jiofi.local.html.
  • Log in with the ”Administrator” as a username and password to access the website homepage.
  • Now go to Wifi Settings > Change Password.
  • Enter your new password.
  • Done!

So, this was our small guide where we guided you on how to know the default JioFi password and then how to change it to your own desired password. If you are having some doubts in your mind then you can ask it in the comment section below.


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