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Google is now all set to launch their new upcoming smartphone that is Google Pixel 5, many Google Pixel and non-Google Pixel users are very excited to check what new features are being offered in the latest Google Pixel smartphone, it is only a matter of a week to see official Google Pixel 5, also in the recent days we got to see new official Stock Google Pixel 5 wallpapers. Today we are sharing the latest official Google Pixel 5 Live wallpapers with you, we know that you guys are very excited to check the Live wallpapers, so to fulfill your demand we are finally here with Google Pixel 5 Live wallpapers. Now before jumping directly towards the live wallpaper, let’s first discuss what specifications we are offered in the new Google Pixel 5. 

Google Pixel 5 Specifications 

Google Pixel 5 is the latest device added to the Pixel series by google, this device is said to be the most high-end device currently in the market. Pixel 5 is powered by Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G and it has 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The camera offered in this device is a rear dual setup with 12.2MP + 16MP and 8MP front-facing camera which clicks amazing shots. However, the chip of the device is not up to the standard which is little disappointing. 

Download Google Pixel 5 Live Wallpapers APK

So, if you are already a user of any Google Pixel smartphone then you can try out the below Google Pixel 5 live wallpapers. These live wallpapers are directly extracted from the latest Google Pixel 5 and we are sad to admit that Google Pixel 5 Live Wallpaper APK won’t work on any devices other than Google Pixel 3 or 4. 

You can use the below link to download Google Pixel 5 live wallpaper APK. Right now we have this live wallpaper APK for Pixel devices either 3 or 4. If you are having any other device then you need to wait for some more time to get your hands on the Pixel 5 live wallpaper, until then you can download stock Google Pixel 5 wallpapers. 

Google Pixel 5 Live Wallpaper APK: Download Link


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