List of Best MIUI Themes 2020 For Xiaomi Device [Daily Updated]

Since the day Xiaomi announced their first-ever smartphone, people are going crazy over their device and that’s why Xiaomi is now dominating both the budget and flagship segment. Especially when it comes to the budget smartphone segment, Xiaomi always tops the list. Xiaomi has sold over 100 Million of smartphones worldwide in five years which clearly shows the majority of people are Xiaomi device users and considering this number in the mind we decided to create an article based on Xiaomi devices and that is Best MIUI Themes 2020

Now those who don’t know what is MIUI then lemme tell you it is a customized Android-based UI that comes pre-installed only on Xiaomi smartphones. Different OEM has different UI, for eg, Samsung has One UI, Huawei has EMUI, Realme has RealmeUI, etc. The best part about customized UI is users can further customize the device according to their needs. MIUI offers us so many more customizable option which we can use according to our will. 

Now unlike stock Android MIUI comes with many additional features and also it comes with its own themes store and from there you can download many MIUI themes for free. Now in the MIUI theme store, you will find thousands of themes, and selecting the best MIUI theme from the store might be a little tricky task, so, that’s why here we are to help you. We have sorted out some best themes for MIUI which are user-friendly and have the highest rating. We invested almost 2 hours in selecting the best MIUI Theme for all Xiaomi device users. All themes which we have listed below are based on the latest MIUI 11.  If you are interested in knowing the best Xiaomi themes then keep reading this article. 

Best MIUI Themes: MIUI 11 Edition




Best MIUI Themes

Best MIUI Themes

Update: We updated the themes with the latest theme, so as we promised we will update the article daily with new 5 themes. We updated this article on 10 May 2020. You can bookmark this article so, that you can check the latest MIUI themes daily.

Below we have listed some best themes of MIUI, we have listed more than 7+ MIUI themes, you can choose your favorite theme from the below list. To get the theme in your Xiaomi you can either download the theme from the download link we have provided or you can simply head over to the Xiaomi’s theme store and search the name of a theme there. To those who want to download externally, read the installation part carefully.

1) Android Go V2 Theme

Android Go or Android Go Edition is the new version of Android which was recently seen on a few low-end devices like the Redmi Go. There are so many users who were interested in UI of Redmi Go, so, if you too liked the UI of Redmi Go then this Android Go theme is made for you. You can taste the Android Go feel once you apply this theme on your Xiaomi device. Another good thing about this theme is it would make the performance of your device pretty good than before because of its memory which is of only 2.3MB.

2) Neon 999 Theme

If you love Neon color then this theme will surely make your day. This theme is so impressive and works with almost every other Xiaomi devices. Also, the icon packs of this theme are very attractive, it kinda glowing icon which will really make the look of the Xiaomi device to the next level. The theme is super responsive and works pretty well with a notch and without notch Xiaomi smartphones. You can download this theme from the theme store. 

3) Android 10 Dark DWM2

If you love dark mode of stock Android version then this theme should be in your Xiaomi device. This theme is based on stock Android’s dark mode. This theme is a good choice for those who love Google’s Material Design. This theme is also super responsive and fast. Once you apply this theme the font and icon pack of your Xiaomi device will automatically change to stock Android. 

4) BlackShark 2

If you love the look and UI of Xiaomi’s Black Shark device then this theme will make you happy because once you apply this theme, your device look will change to completely BlackShark UI. This theme is based on Xiaomi Black Shark 2 and that’s why its name is BlackShark 2. The theme is slightly on the darker side, so if you are the one who loves dark themes then this theme is what you should go with. It has impressive icon packs and most importantly the alignment of the clock in this theme is very amazing, it gives a good look to your device. 

5) AOSP Extended Theme

Most of my viewers already know What is AOSP Extended but for those who don’t know what it is then lemme tell you it is a famous custom ROM, now don’t look at me like that, 😛 I am not telling you to install custom ROM on your Xiaomi device. Actually, this is AOSP Extended theme which is based on AOSP custom ROM. So, if you are fan of AOSP ROM but don’t want to flash the ROM then I must recommend you try out this theme. You can download this theme from the theme store. 

6) iOS Theme for MIUI

Who don’t like iPhones? No one, right? We all know iOS is only limited to iPhones but if you really want to feel the iOS experience then you can do that by downloading iOS theme for your Xiaomi device. This theme can make your device look completely like an iPhone. This theme has all the icons pack and fonts similar to iOS. So, if you really want to try out iOS feel then give this theme a shot. 

Wrapping Up!

So, this was our article on Top Best MIUI Themes based on MIUI 11, here in this article we shared more than 6 themes and we will update this article daily with the latest and more eye-catchy themes. If You liked our this theme collection then do tell us in the comment section or if you are facing any issue in downloading or searching themes then also do let us know and we will try to solve your problem ASAP. 












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